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Quadrifoglio Villas, situated, in Kerobokan, on the outskirts off the main touristic center of the island, offer the possibility of combining in perfect harmony your leisure time and commercial interests.

This natural oasis consists of six independent houses, with 3 swimming pool. Each house has a large surrounding garden; security and house service are provided, all contributing to an enjoyable and comfortable stay in an excellent place where to eventually engage in business.

H&B offers here a new formula: vacations combined with investment. It gives you the opportunity to own a splendid house of six persons capacity, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a living room opened to the garden and swimming pool, a kitchen and 24 hours security.

H&B's formula give you the privilege to be the part owner of a house for a total five years. According to your needs, you can choose a period of 4 consecutive weeks per year during those 5 years, with a fixed price that goes fromeuro 7.340 to euro 10.660, depending on the seas

on selected.

If you are not, for any reason, going to occupy the house during the period selected, you way obtain the assistance of H&B in the sub renting to a third party, if you are not inclined to operateindependently by yourself.

PT QUADRIFOGLIO Br Anyar Kelod - Kerobokan - Bali - Indonesia
Tel\Fax International +62 81 805691174 - Indonesian 0 81 805691174 - E-mail:

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